As a member of an agent, of course we are given the obligation to obey every rule that the agent has given before registering, we must obey these rules before and after becoming a member. For those of you who want to join the SBOBET AGENT, you can read what rules must be obeyed when becoming a member on the registration display on the official website, but here I will provide you with what rules you need to know and of course you need to obey:

  • The minimum age for you to play JUDI BALL is 18 years and over
  • As a member you are obliged and responsible for the account and password that the agent has provided.
  • Members are required to provide valid data when registering.
  • Members can deposit or withdraw every day as long as the bank is online.
  • Members are required to make a deposit (each agent is different).
  • Bets that have been made cannot be withdrawn while the agent’s calculation is being carried out.
  • The agent does not serve any complaints after the deposit or withdrawal process after 24 hours have passed.
  • Accounts that have been inactive for 1 month will be closed and for new accounts that have not made a deposit within 2×24 hours will be closed.

Deposit rules:

  1. Minimal deposit (depending on the agent)
  2. Deposits can be processed if you use a bank account that has been registered with the agent.
  3. Deposits must use cash deposits at ATMs or via internet banking.
  4. Do not accept deposits transferred through a bank teller. If there is still a transfer from a bank teller it is considered as funds for donations.

Withdrawal regulations:

  1. Minimal withdrawal (depending on the agent)
  2. Withdraw can be processed if using a registered bank account.
  3. Required confirmation beforehand to make withdrawals via WITHDRAWAL FORM or Live Chat.

Those are some of the rules that exist in the JUDI BOLA agent, before registering you must read and understand all the rules given because if you violate the rules that have been given then you will be sanctioned in the form of account closure, therefore you as a member must obey any rules There is because SBOBET AGENT also not only provides rules but also gives you the rights that you can get after you become a member. Hopefully my explanation above can make you even more ready to register and of course help you not to make mistakes after joining later. Thank you for your attention and time.